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About Us

Gibson & Associates Public Insurance Adjusters, LLC, is a full-service, licensed and bonded, public adjusting company representing the policyholder. We specialize in the preparation, presentation, and negotiation of property loss settlements. Our knowledge and expertise in the field of property loss adjustment makes Gibson & Associates uniquely qualified to be the policyholder’s representative.

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We are a second-generation company whose members have been representing the insurance consumer since 1982. From the beginning, our expertise has resulted favorable settlements of thousands of claims. Gibson & Associates' home office is located in Totowa, New Jersey. From this location we are able to effectively service the entire New Jersey/New York metropolitan area.


As one of the area's leading public adjusting firms, Gibson & Associates has built a solid reputation in its field. We have established a proven track record with our clients and have gained the professional respect of the insurance community. Our staff includes personnel qualified in adjusting, policy interpretation, building and construction estimating, contents and stock losses, fixture and equipment appraisal, and business interruption.


Gibson & Associates is recognized as a firm that provides the policyholder with the most professional service available in the industry today. Our prompt response to catastrophic loss and dedication to our clients has expedited settlements, while at the same time maximizing claim benefits.


Gibson & Associates is a member of New Jersey Public Insurance Adjusters Association (NJPAA), the Passaic and Bergen County Agents Associations, the New Jersey Apartment Association, and Property Owners Association.

What Does Gibson & Associates Do?

Gibson & Associates will be with you throughout the entire claim process. We are your representative and advocate. We will respond immediately to help facilitate all emergency repairs, and will assist you with the many decisions that must be faced in the first few days after a catastrophic loss. Our staff of qualified experts will handle every aspect of the claim process.

Gibson & Associates will promptly review your insurance policy and the various coverages it provides. We will inspect the loss location and all damages, conduct all meetings with the insurance company’s representatives, prepare the claim of damages for submission, handle all negotiations with the insurance company, and prepare all relevant closing documents for settlement. Our clients are kept informed of the claim details and its progress at all times.



Why Do I Need Gibson & Associates?

After a loss occurs, the insurance company will assign an adjuster to represent their interests. The insurance policy requires that you, as the policyholder, cooperate with the investigation of loss, and prepare a claim of all related damages. Once this claim has been submitted, the negotiation process begins. The insurance company's representatives are experts at both policy interpretation and loss assessment. They work for the insurance company, not you! This puts the policyholder at a tremendous disadvantage in the handling of the claim.

Gibson & Associates protect your interests by leveling the playing field. Our team of experts works exclusively for you, the policyholder. As your public adjuster, we will deal directly with the insurance company's representatives and assist you in complying with all the requirements set forth in the insurance policy. This allows you to focus on the important task of rebuilding your home or business. Gibson & Associates work hard to collect our clients' equitable settlements, while at the same time expediting the claim process.

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