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Natural disasters and catastrophes leave devastation in their wake, creating an overwhelming amount of paperwork and recovery for policyholders to handle. While you are putting the pieces of your life and/or business back together, Gibson & Associates will be there – by your side – to help navigate the challenging and often complicated process. 

Mercedes-Benz Flood

As soon as we are retained, our team inspects your loss site, performs a coverage analysis to determine the portion of the loss that is covered, determines the scope and calculates the value of the damage, assembles the necessary documentation to support your claim, and negotiates with the insurance company.


Building Losses

Gibson & Associates' experts will properly assess and substantiate the insurance loss and damage to the structure. We will produce a comprehensive report detailing the scope of damages with supporting documentation, based on current construction costs. We will also assess additional costs applicable to your specific situation, including all related "soft" costs, building code compliance, and emergency repairs. Our reports are tailored to comply with insurance policy requirements.


Contents Losses

Gibson & Associates' experts will inventory all damaged property including personal property, stock, fixtures, equipment, electronic media and improvements and betterments. Reports of all damaged items will be prepared, taking into account the degree of damage, depreciation, replacement cost, and actual cash value as required by the insurance policy.


Additional Living Expenses 

Gibson & Associates will provide you with assistance in finding alternative housing during the reconstruction of your home or business. We will provide the insurance company with proper claim details to negotiate the period of restoration and amount of loss.


Business Interruption and Extra Expense

Gibson & Associates' accountants will evaluate this very technical portion of the claim. All factors are considered in the preparation of this information including extra expense to continue your business, seasonal effects, and business trends. 


When Should You Contact Gibson & Associates?

Immediately after suffering a loss! We work for you – the policyholder. Having Gibson & Associates on your side will provide you confidence knowing your interests are being properly represented by a firm with a proven track record. Contacting our firm early in the claim process will ensure that your rights will be protected and that all obligations under the insurance policy are met. There is no upfront cost, and we charge you no fees until you have received your settlement. Our fee will be a small percentage of the settlement based on our agreement.

We advocate for you – the policyholder. Working closely with you, we will handle every aspect of your claim to ensure that you receive a prompt and full recovery for your loss.

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